Week 7 Fantasy Kicker Rankings

The nice thing about fantasy kicker rankings is that we usually don’t have to think very hard about No. 1 — we just slot Justin Tucker there and move on. But there’s always that one pesky week every year where we can’t do that. So, we’ll actually have to put some effort into our Week 7 fantasy kicker rankings. Damn it.

Perhaps surprisingly, Tucker isn’t the highest-scoring kicker this season who’s on bye in Week 7. In fact, he isn’t even the second highest. Those honors go to Miami’s Jason Sanders and Indianapolis’s Rodrigo Blankenship. With three top-six kickers (plus Minnesota’s Dan Bailey) on bye, this figures to be a busy week for kicker-related free agent pickups. (And yes, they should be free agent pickups — never use a waiver claim on a kicker.)

Of course, whenever the top kickers are on bye, some owners have an impulse to carry two kickers for week. Before you do that, ask yourself: “Do I really want to be the type of fantasy owner who has two kickers on his or her team? (The answer should be “no.”). It’s been a tough year for everyone — don’t make it tougher on yourself by doing something that will require your friends to make fun of you. There are always other kickers to pick up (like the No. 3 kicker heading into Week 6, Daniel Carlson, who will be coming off bye this week), and you can always play the matchups. 

This week, there are a bunch of indoor games (Panthers-Saints, Lions-Falcons, Seahawks-Cardinals, Buccaneers-Raiders, Bears-Rams, and Packers-Texans), as well as a game in Denver (Chiefs-Broncos). With all those kickers in optimal conditions, it shouldn’t be hard to find decent replacements.

NOTE: We’ll continue to update our kicker rankings to throughout the week, so check back for updates.

Week 7 Fantasy Kicker Rankings

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